Venenatis Vel Vestibul

10 Apr 2013
Skills Needed : HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress
Time Spent : 10 weeks

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  • Scott K. Swander, Synergy Wealth Management

    Krista does an incredible job of identifying a client’s taste and style and implementing a plan that is creative, comprehensive and manageable.  From furniture to rugs to paint color, Krista’s expert design and keen sense of style are extremely savvy.  I would not hesitate to recommend her design firm to friends and business relationships.

  • Marlon Doucet

    I’ve had the privilege of working with Krista on two projects.  Krista is able to listen to the client and bring their ideas and wishes into workable designs for their home.  From design to choosing of fabrics to the delivery of the completed project, she is there each step of the way ensuring satisfaction and success.  I would recommend her highly for anything from one room to an entire home!

  • Cathy and John Lawlor

    We highly recommend using Krista of K. Lewis Interior Design for all your decorating needs.  She is highly professional, yet fun, easy and patient to work with.  Krista possesses an astute eye, working with your colors, furniture and style to help you create the personal look you desire in all the rooms of your home.  She was truly a joy to work with as our decorator.

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